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Cell Components

The cell, like the body, cannot function without all of its parts.  The cell requires certain organelles to function correctly and the function of the cell depends on the types and numbers of organelles each cell has.  For example, mitochondria produce ATP from glucose.  A muscle cell requires energy in the form of ATP to function properly.  As the activity level of a muscle increases so does the need for a constant supply of energy and the mitochondria that produces that energy must increase in number as well.  When you compare the functions of these cell organelles keep in mind that each is necessary for the cell to maintain homeostasis of the cell.  Click on the list of organelles below to learn more their structure and function.

Nucleus        ribosome        Lysosome        Chloroplast        cytoskeleton    Centrioles

Mitochondria    Vacuole    Endoplasmic Reticulum    Golgi Apparatus       

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