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Chapter 6 Review
Biology Main Page
Chapter 6 main
  1. What is a chromosome?
  2. What are the different forms of DNA, and when during the cell cycle would you find these forms of DNA?
  3. How does DNA condense into chromosomes from chromatin?
  4. What does the word diploi refer to? Why is it significant when talking about mitosis or meiosis?
  5. What is a haploid cell and why is it significant when talking about mitosis and meiosis.
  6. How many chromosomes are found in the cells of humans?
  7. What is a sex chromosome and which determines the gender in a human?
  8. At what point does DNA coil up to form a chromosome?
  9. What do you think would happen if DNA were not wrapped around proteins?
  10. Which cells in your body are diploid?
  11. What is binary fission and how is it not like mitosis?
  12. In terms of DNA, how is a bacteria different from eukaryotic organisms
  13. What is mitosis?
  14. What is the cell cycle?
  15. Describe the cell cycle.
  16. Describe all of the events that take place in mitosis.
  17. Why is cytokinesis and mitosis different?
  18. Describe all of the events that take place in Interphase of the cell cycle.
  19. How is mitosis related to cancer?
  20. What is a tumor?
  21. How is mutation related to cancer?
  22. What causes mutations?
  23. How is meiosis similar to mitosis?
  24. How is meiosis different than mitosis?
  25. Where does meiosis take place? What does meiosis produce?
  26. What is a gamete?
  27. What is crossing over and why is it relevant to the evolution of a species?