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Chapter 1
The Science of Biology

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 Biology - The study of life.  Biology has touched the life of everybody you know in ways that you may have not even imagined.  From farming to computers, biology has and will continue to impact your life.  It is your responsibility to know as much about it as possible. 

Biology has probably impacted your life most in the way of medical advancements.  Everything from milk pasteurization to AIDS research relies on a knowledge of Biology.  Vaccines against smallpox, chicken pox, hepatitis, and others were developed knowing how the body reacts when invaded by a virus.  Soon there may be a vaccine against the West Nile Virus, or HIV.  Who knows what the future brings as strides are being made every year in the field of medicine.

 In the 1950's DNA was confirmed to be the heritable code.  Now DNA is used as a way of identifying criminals at a crime scene, to bringing species back from the brink of extinction.  DNA is even being used in cloning sheep.  DNA technology would not even be possible if it were not for the study of biology.